Transport up and down the Cambodia Shooting Range Outdoor Phnom Penh and video service is 20usd extra paid, but you need to spend at least 400usd on gun shooting. if you spent less than the budget of 400$ you are required to pay 150$ for the transport and videoservice. More details please read.

Moreover…!!!, if you/your team spent 600usd+, you/your group are offered a 15% discount. check us out on our TripAdvisor, where we’ve got five stars out of five and quality videos

Private tours, group tours and shared gun shooting tours, please feel free let us know ahead
if you would like to have drone video service please pay 20$ extra for the service

Picked up and dropped!

we can greet you at the bus/boat stops, airports and hotels/guestshouses in/around phnom penh city
Please noted, the Cambodia Shooting Range Outdoor Phnom Penh is located at outside the city, it approximately take 90-120minutes, one way by Lexus cars, Phnom Penh downtown. When the agreements are agreed, we are sending a lexus car with its driver/guide to greet you at meeting points, immediately. 
Look!!! In order to get those complimentary we claimed above(15% discount, transport to up and down, edited video service within several cameras like, Gopro5 and Gopro 7, Canon, Drone, Sony and smartphones, cold beers.) please contact us yourself “call or email”: WhatsApp, viber and telegram Call: +85589797079, wechart pho078777908

Price list discounts of Cambodia shooting range outdoor Phnom Penh (

Differences of the RPG2 and RPG7 are, rpg VII is very good to shoot at a long distant and has only one sound sometime(no explosion and the end), rpg II has two sounds (two explosion, at the beginning and landing) and good at fire at short targets and shoot at mountain. 

The targets of gun shooting is not apart of the 15% discount and separatedly bought. Please make an order ahead

One fuel barrel, 50USD: Put the barrels at a bit far from where we are standing, about 50-60 metersread more and the weapons we use to fire are Bazooka/RPG/B-40/Rocket Launcher and M-79. In order to hit the targets, I highly recommended you spend for few minutes listen to our instructors.

Petrol barrels and big gas tanks are best for targets for shooting RPGs (Bazooka, rockek launcher at them)
More accuate to hit and it can cause great explosions in air! visit video  Its about 70 percent to destroy them by RPGs (bazooka)
Shoot Ak 47 into ceramic plats at one time,
fueled barrels stores in wooden house is great explosions, shoot it with RPGs (rocket launcher, bazooka or B40)